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Greetings Caffiends!

Thanks for dropping by! I hope you enjoy the website, and have had a chance to join the CHD Community on Facebook and Instagram. Love horror, coffee, the paranormal, and pop-culture? You're in the right place!

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My Story

My friends say I love to talk, but I always struggle with telling my story. So here I go a rambling, and hopefully by the end of this, you get a decent idea of who I am. I'm Brad, 'The Caffeinated Horror Dude', and I have always been a lover of horror and the paranormal. OH and COFFEE, boy, do I love coffee! I received my first espresso machine for Christmas when I was 12, so that probably gives you an idea of just how much I love coffee. I grew up in a small town in Newfoundland called Fortune, where it was believed that my Grandma's house was haunted; and admittedly, it was hard to deny. In fact, that house is what really spurred my interest in the paranormal and led me to grow up (ish) to formally study paranormal science and work with several professional paranormal teams.

Over the years I have had the privilege of working with like-minded enthusiasts of the paranormal. Conducting

Dead Serious.jpg

research and helping those troubled by hauntings and things they couldn't explain. I have always taken the skeptical/scientific approach to the paranormal. An optimistic skeptic; I believe there are things in this world that we cannot explain, I'm just not quick to jump on board with it being people that have passed on. I believe usually, a haunting has a more earthly explanation. Usually...but I've certainly seen my share of things that left me scratching my head.

During the years I worked in the paranormal field, I had a show in development called Dead Serious. A psychic, a Minister and a skeptic walk into a bar...was the basic premise. 3 different beliefs and approaches to the paranormal. I've also had the privilege to work on segments and consult for  

Dead ​Serious (2004)

the CBC, CTV, the W Network, Bell Media, MTV, and Space, as well as a number of other news and media outlets. I've also worked on a documentary about the paranormal for the National Film Board of Canada.

In recent years, I brought Deadly Grounds Coffee to Canada and opened Canada's only horror themed cafe with my then wife Kt. We have continued to grow the Deadly Grounds brand and the cafe has been featured in a number of travel articles, including pieces by Narcity, and blogTO. In 2018, I created another coffee brand called 8-Bit Beans. A coffee line aimed at video gamers and eSports athletes. A year later, we opened a brick and mortar store for that coffee brand as well. A cafe/bar and arcade in Whitby, Ontario.

As the Caffeinated Horror Dude, I have worked with Super Channel, T+E, Bell Fibe, Raven Banner Entertainment, Universal Pictures, Warner Brothers and others on content creation, collaborations and promotions. I currently have a number of projects in the works including a unique paranormal show concept, and a coffee and horror talk/variety program with Rue Morgue Magazine.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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