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Bathsheba: Search For Evil Conjures Up The Chills

The popularity of paranormal TV shows seems to have hit an all-time high in the past few years. Shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures did a great job in keeping people glued to their TVs and asking for more. Today, paranormal enthusiasts and lovers of all things spooky, have dedicated channels and streaming services like T+E and HauntTV to scratch that ghost hunting itch.

This week, I was able to view Bathsheba: Search For Evil, the upcoming 2-part docu-special coming to T+E this Monday, October 11th at 9pm et/pt. Bathsheba tells the REAL story of what happened in The Conjuring (2013). It is the first time that the Perron family, through personal interviews, tells the actual story of what happened in that house, and how it differed from what we were shown in the movie. Right out the gate, Roger Perron, played by Ron Livingston in the movie, proclaims 'It's about 5% correct and 95% wrong.'. Followed by 2 of the Perron sisters indicating that they did a great job compressing what happened to them in 10 years, down to 2 hours, and that what actually happened in the home was more scary because it was true.

The special is unique in that not only is it a documentary about what happened in the Conjuring house as told by the family, but we are also joined by paranormal investigator, Erin Goodpipe of The Other Side TV show, as she travels to the old farm house and attempts to unravel the haunting. Erin meets with the current owners, and throughout the special conducts EVP, or electronic voice phenomenon sessions, and uses various ghost hunting tools to try and make contact and discover if the house is indeed haunted. We are also provided with theories of why and who may be haunting the property. In the film, we are told the 'villain' is Bathsheba, but it may in fact be the restless spirits of 8 generations of the previous owners of the farm house; the Arnold family. Throughout the special we are also offered insight from several well known paranormal experts including Jeff Belanger and Keith Johnson. Each offering their take on the Conjuring haunting.

Listening to the Perron sisters give their first hand account, I had goosebumps a number of times. Even now, 41 years after they left the property, their voices shake, and their accounts of what happened to them are indeed, scarier than anything we witnessed in the movie. Interestingly, we find out that Ed and Lorraine Warren were not the only people to conduct paranormal investigations at the property. In fact, they were asked to help only after PIRO, a college team of paranormal enthusiasts, spent time at the property and felt they needed more assistance. Even the Warrens admitted later to the family, that they themselves were in over their heads.

Bathsheba should definitely be on your watch list this coming week if you're a fan of ghost stories and hauntings. I found myself captivated by the story telling of the Perron family, and as a paranormal enthusiast myself, appreciated the investigation and insight from the paranormal experts involved. Watch Bathsheba: Search For Evil Monday, October 11th at 9PM et/pt on T+E.

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