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Walking Dead pulled me back in with Dead City!

Well, ya did it Walking Dead. You pulled me back in with the first episode of Dead City! Now let's see if you keep me hooked! You see, rewind to 2015 and The Walking Dead's first spin-off; Fear the Walking Dead, and I was saying the same thing. I was really excited for that show, and the premise of how the zombie apocalypse starts and how life adjusts to it. How people learn to fight, and live with the undead. It's something I've thought about probably too much, so a show diving into that sounded amazing! And episode 1 of Fear pulled me in, exactly how I feel about Dead City. Buuuttt Fear failed to keep my attention. Episode 1 gave me hope that we would get this great story arc of adapting to life with the walkers, but by episode 3 it felt as though everyone was full acclimatized to their new reality. I held in there for the rest of the season, but had no interest in coming back for season 2.

So here we are, episode 1 of Dead City is in the books, and yeah, I'm feeling it. It looks great! Basically Maggie is looking for her son and having to work with Negan because he knows The Croat and is her only hope of getting close to him. Negan is a wanted man by The Marshals and is out of options himself. So their working together makes sense and works as a spin-off. By the end of episode 1, I was admittedly hoping there were more episodes to binge, so that's always a good sign!

The ball is in your court Walking Dead! Please keep me hooked.


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